Our eyes are an essential part of our daily lives that we often take for granted.  They provide us with the beauty of the world around us while aiding in the tasks and daily life that we live.  As an integral part of our body that can be damaged by outside sources, it is very important that we strive to protect them from harm.

During the summer months when it is hot, and the sun shines brighter than it normally does, there are a few things that we can do to ensure that they are protected and healthy for years to come.  What we do are basic things that can easily become a part of a daily regimen, in the care of our bodies inside and out for overall health and well-being.


We all think of eyewear as a fun and fashionable way to make our appearance pop and to add beauty to our image.  We select sunglasses that appeal to our vanity but beyond this they have a much more functional purpose, for the protection of our eyes from the bright shining sun.  Selecting sunglasses that boast UV/UB protection ensures that your eyes will get all the protection they need from the harshness of the sun’s rays which can be damaging.


Summer and water fun go hand and hand.  Unfortunately, the water we are active in may contain harsh chemicals or bacteria that can affect the eyes health.  When we visit the beach, pool or lake having wearing eye goggles like we would glasses will protect them from any harsh chemicals like chlorine or bacteria that may be present in the water.


It is hot during the summer and our bodies can become dehydrated more easily.  One of the best ways to protect the body, not to mention the eyes is by ensuring that we are drinking enough fluids on hot days.  This will help keep the eye moist, lubricated and healthy.

Clean Hands

During these hot months of summer, we have a busy schedule, performing many activities in a variety of areas.  What we work with and touch during these moments can sometimes be harmful to our eyes. Washing our hands thoroughly prior to rubbing or touching our eyes or refraining from touching them helps to prevent chemicals, bacteria, or other foreign substances from getting into the eye and causing damage or harm.

These tips can easily become a regular part of the summer routine we practice of self-care.  From wearing sunscreen and insect spray to eating more vegetables and fruits and being careful of fires while camping, they are the basics of life that ensure we care for our bodies, the community and life around us.  It may seem like a lot to undertake on a daily basis but our body as well as our eyes will be thankful for it. We too will be thankful in the long run when are eyes are healthy for many years to come.

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