In many sports, people don’t take the proper precaution of wearing protective eye gear. Eye care when playing sports is just as important as helmets, knee and elbow pads, and braces. When playing physical sports, it is still possible to have eye injuries such as a scratched cornea and a fractured eye socket. While broken bones and bruises will heal, a serious eye injury can blind somebody for life.

In most sports, the eyes are at risk from fast flying balls and equipment like racquets, sticks, and flying limbs. For kids, they should always use eye protection when playing because of how easy it is to get hit by a stray ball. Regular sunglasses don’t provide all the protection needed. For example, buy eye guards at a sports store and have someone fit them for you perfectly. Make sure the lenses are secure; one popping inward could hurt your eye. Also, find for any cushioning along your eyebrows and the edge of your nose so they don’t cut your face.

More Eye Protection Considerations

Some of the most popular sports are played outside in the bright lights and under the summer sun. Two issues: the exposure of skin to dangerous ultraviolet light, and exposure of the sun’s rays to the eye. Over time, that can have a negative impact on vision. With baseball, get a sturdy polycarbonate face guard with eye guards; with basketball, get goggles; with soccer (yes, you don’t see them play with them at the World Cup, but still), a set of eye guards; hockey already has a helmet and visor in front, and finally, football, where there is also a helmet, but get a complete face guard in as well.

Faster, Physical Sports Can Be Higher Risk

Think about the amount of movement in each sport and take action to accommodate the eyewear. For a less mobile sport like baseball, the main concern really is a fastball going to your head at the plate or trying to catch a fly ball under the sun. The flying limbs of basketball, the high sticking in hockey, and everything that happens in football should be warning enough. It’s important to see your optometrist on a regular basis and bring this up so they can help you how to handle the eyewear and make sure you can see correctly.

While many people focus on the growing risk of concussions, eye injuries are also common and require special care because of the long-term damage it can result in. Eye protection is a must for any sport where it takes one misdirection to poke the eye. Be attentive and look for the proper ways in getting the right eyewear for any sport desired because of the speed of a game and the randomness that takes place. It can mean staying 20/20 for the long-term or having vision problems for life.

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